Making Winter Happen in Florida

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To paraphrase Albert Camus:


In the depths of year-round summer, I finally found that within Florida there lay an immaculately-kept winter.


While we'd all love for our food to be fresh (like picked this morning with our own hands fresh), and as much as we want to deliver that to our customers, the reality is that frozen food makes life much, much simpler.


And did you know?


Winter comes twice weekly for customers along Florida’s west coast, and it can happen to your business, too. "Winter" of course, is the frozen fortress of operations at B&W Foods.


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Here's a look at how B&W Foods is the most elite frozen food distributor you'll ever work with, and your lifelong business friend:


  1. Fresh Frozen Products


And plenty of them! You'll find a quality frozen foods catalog, full of fresh frozen selections from name brands. There are 12,000+ products to suit your business by securing a constant supply of your staples, as well as a variety with low minimums to test where you might profit from growing your own selection.


Best of all, the products are cycled regularly. This habitually high inventory turnover ensures that you’ll never need to use a pickaxe to get to your purchases.


  1. Frozen Fever


No, not that one! B&W is a passionate "frozen" fan, with more than 133,000 cubic feet of top-of-the-line sub-zero freezer space and a roster of Florida natives who are long-time employees of the company. Whereas national distribution chains have a few maintenance techs scheduled to check their freezers just sometimes, every salesperson at B&W knows the machines and routinely checks that they’re up to the challenge that Florida presents to the refrigeration process.


These same salespeople who know their freezers can answer questions for you about the logistics of yours and help you put together a perfect order for your business based on your goals and their considerable experience on the front lines of Florida food distribution.


Let's not forget this piece- how your order gets from B&W freezers to yours. Remember how excited you were about fire engines when you were five years old? Well, B&W is that excited about their unconquerable delivery trucks. They're the highest quality, and the best maintained because they need to be ready for daily operating conditions and the curveballs that Florida likes to throw, like storms. They may not have lights and sirens, but they're still pretty cool.


  1. Winter Soldiers


B&W Foods is a distributor local to Florida's west coast, and the outfit boasts a proud record of almost 60 years of not melting. That reliability comes from the hard-earned ability to handle contingencies that make larger companies shrink, or at least lose lots of business through spoiled products.

The average B&W salesperson has 14 years of experience, plenty of time to watch trends and developments in demand. Even if your business is just starting out, you can easily on-board more than a decade of knowledge of what will work in your niche, and how to make it work for your vision.


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Frozen foods allow a business to keep its core and branch out to new ideas to offer customers. Work with a Florida-native frozen food distributor that keeps that sub-zero haven humming and stocked.



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